Brand Management and 4 Useful Tips to get it Right on Social Media

What is a Brand?

You might smug at this question thinking it’s so text book and well, everybody knows what a Brand is. Do they? Businesses often make mistakes while promoting themselves. They believe that promoting a product is more important because,”hey! We need to sell the product, not the brand.” Wrong. Just like every individual has a personality, brand is the personality, the human side of your business which sells. People attach themselves to the brand not the product. Why do you think gadget gurus swoon over every single product that Apple releases? Why do Harley Davidson customers venture out on rides with fellow HD riders through their country wide clubs? It’s the SENTIMENT, a LOYALTY towards the Brand.

An ideal brand gives out a promise to its customers to deliver upon what they perceive about it. A proper brand management strategy converts this brand promise into effective communications that wins your customers over to you. There are multiple hacks to converge upon the best Brand Management strategy, but frankly, it’s about having a right mix of every media, collateral and ideas together at the right time and at the right place.

  1. Understand Your CustomersBranding starts with your customers, your people. Customers either make or break your brand. Branding is all about providing superlative customer experience. Conduct a survey, talk to your potential customers, understand and list down what they need. Incorporate these into your products and your value chain.The value that your brand provides is determined by the EXPERIENCE that your customer gets upon interacting with your brand, your product or your employees throughout the purchase cycle.
  2. Be Active On Social Media PlatformsAs said earlier, one cannot afford to ignore social media these days. Customers consume a humungous amount of content from various channels in every format. Being present there and offering content that your customers love is the key to garnering fruitful engagement from your target consumers. This not only makes you famous but also ups your brand equity keeping you on top of your game.
  3. Build Relationships With Domain Influencers On Social MediaIt’s a no brainer that every business, immaterial of their scale of operations and domain supremacy, need to be out there on the internet. Because that’s where your customers are! Thanks to the addictive power of internet, your customers will take to social media to zero in on their needs, choose their product and the brand that fulfils their needs the best. And they do this with the help of reviews from domain experts. Whilst on social media, every brand should identify that bunch of people whose opinions are valued above all in digital space. Rope them in to review your products, or contribute to your blog. This not only enriches your brand image and social proof but also exposes you to new circles that follow the influencer.
  4. Mine Data And Track Your Campaigns EfficientlyStart with setting clear measurable goals like getting more sign ups on your blog, user traffic on your website or successful purchase. Build campaigns around these goals and implement them on social media sites to capture your audience. Monitor multiple campaigns using tools like Marketo, HubSpot and Pardot and use the data to plan your future campaigns.


Social media, is the now the epicenter of brand management activities at every brand, big or small and an effective study and utilization of every channel is inevitable for a holistic success. What are you doing to successfully manage your brand? Would love to hear your ideas!

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