Why You?

There are, and have always been, two kinds of people in the world: those who stand for something, and those who don’t.

We seek to work with the first kind.

Usually at this point in a website, everyone would be talking about, “Why Us?” Why should you choose us to be your Marketing Partners? But that’s not how we roll! Instead we ask you a far more important question, the one that your customers will be asking you when they are about to make a purchase. “Why You?” Why should YOUR customers choose YOU? And how would they know that?

It is here that we come in. We understand your business from the ground up, gaining deep insight into what drives you, and what sets your enterprise apart from the others. To put it simply, we figure out what unique values and ideas you stand for, and showcase it to the world!

Why you

Why You? It is the answer to this question that determines the kind of brand you become: just one for the times or one for the ages…


Some stories involve young wizards and witches fighting a Dark Lord; others talk about superspies who like vodka martini (shaken, not stirred) and have a license to kill. Ours is just about three ordinary people who dreamt of making a difference.

In an industry where big budgets spent on ads are considered good investment for long-term returns, designing a logo is equated with branding, and the very nature of effective digital marketing is treated as a mystery, three people- three very different people, united by a common goal- decided to stand for something; and that is how our story began. Leaving behind their comfortable, well-paying jobs, Rima, Hrishikesh and Shailesh ventured forth into the world of Branding and Marketing. We started with three people and an iMac, looking for clients; today just three years later, we have become capable enough to handle international clients with characteristic confidence.

This growth was not easy, and came with challenges galore. But we persisted like the proverbial underdogs, learning from experience. We gathered around us a small group of dedicated, talented people, willing to go the extra mile, willing to look beyond the money and deliver more than expected. Our humble but firm belief that a holistic approach to marketing would pay off in the long run, has enabled us to serve our clients, and create an identity for ourselves in an increasingly short-term thinking market.

What do we offer our partners? Our passion towards the work we do, our integrity towards providing only the very best for our client, and our solution-oriented research and creativity.

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Meet the ‘Gang’

Shailesh Kudale

Shailesh Kudale

Co-Founder & Director - Technology

Rima Bichu

Rima Bichu

Co-Founder & Director - Creative

Hrishikesh Bichu

Hrishikesh Bichu

Co-Founder & Director - Business Development

Nidhi Bennur

Nidhi Bennur

Director - Digital Marketing

Who We are

Organic is real, pure and unadulterated.. Right from the food you eat, to the cosmetics you use, to the clothes to wear and eventually to the kind of response you get from your target audience. Organic is original and hence the most difficult to achieve. And, that’s what we offer.

Instead of imposing ourselves on you, we identify exactly what you need to ensure a steady, unrestricted growth. Everything that we offer is conceptualised and crafted in-house, because that way we have a firm control over the quality that we deliver.

We don’t engage in run of the mill ideas, only to give you the promised metrics, but instead offer Organic Marketing Solutions to help you attain a concurrence in your value offerings and sales

our process

How we do it is a product of organised and meticulous procedure, propelled strongly by vibrant enthusiasm and gamechanging innovation.


Every brand problem is analyzed with a holistic view to craft customized brand solutions that put you ahead of your competitors.


Every single combination is explored to see what suits you the best


Ideas serve as the starting point of our Innovations and Innovations are morphed into value-driven solutions for our customers.


At Destylio, execution is not about reaching the finish line. It is about blending the very fabric.